Heat Resistant Soldering Mat

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Heat Resistant Soldering Mat

The Heat Resistant Soldering Mat is an ideal product for soldering electronics assembly or electronics and circuit board repair, for example mart phone, laptop, computer, sports watch, camera, smart toy, eyeglasses etc.

  • Multi-Functional - To make your repair work easy, silicone repair mat magnetic built-in scale ruler (0~36cm), 3 part boxes with cover, 4 magnetic parts areas, 124 screws position, 42 spare unit and 15 notches, easy to classify different small parts, improve your work efficiency and make maintenance platform more clean and tidy
  • Heat Insulation - Soldering station magnetic mat can resist the temperature as high as 932°F (500℃), fireproof and is anti-corrosive also, it supports high temperature soldering work directly, and can protect your platform from burning and ruining
  • Anti-Slip - Magnetic silicone mat is made of high quality silicone, anti-scratch and non be out of shape, soldering repair mat both suface are adopting the anti-slip design, it won't slide around on your desk or work station
  • Wide Application - Electronics work mat is an ideal product for soldering iron, soldering electronics assembly and circuit board, can also be used to repair cellphones, sports watch, camera, toys, eyeglasses and more small device


  • Working Mat Temperature: ≤500 °C
  • Built-in scale ruler : 0 ~36cm
  • 124 screws position
  • 18 notches
  • 3pcs part boxes with cover
  • Easy to clean:  with soap and water.
  • It resists corrosion and out of shape.
  • Heat-resistant Repair Pad Size: 17.7 '' * 11.8 ''*0.19''
  • Color: Blue

124 Magnetic Screws Position

124 Magnetic screws position, you can put the screws on it to prevent loss, make your to make your workbench tidy and clean.