Elevated Dog Feeding Bowl

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Elevated Dog Feeding Bowl

Imagine staying 2 mins with your neck bent down? Imagine eating like that, with your neck in that same position. Now, try swallowing the food. You'd notice it's quite difficult and also comes with neck strains.

We don't eat off the floor, and neither should your lovely dog/cat. You may think that their walking on four legs should enable them eat in that position without any issue. Well, the vets. say otherwise. Your dog needs a nice posture just as humans need a good posture while eating.

Furthermore, when your dog's feeding bowl is on the ground, it comes in contact with the moist beneath it, and this moist is responsible for formation of algae and bacteria, which may lead to infection of lovely pet, if not treated effectively. Also, eating from the floor reduces the rate of digestion of your pet's food.

Not only will eating from this elevated pet bowl be more comfortable, it will greatly improve your pet's digestion. Let's give your pet a more comfortable place to eat!

  • Reduces your pet’s neck strain and improves digestion
  • Plastic elevated feeder comes with two easy-to-wash bowls for food and water
  • Rims on pet feeder are raised to keep mess to a minimum
  • Sturdy, durable plastic is easy to clean
  • Feet pads prevent stains on tiles, and provides a non-slip feature to the bowl stand.