Bunion Corrector (1 Pair)

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Bunion Corrector (1 Pair)

The Bunion Corrector is a resting splint for both day and night use. It provides longitudinal and transverse arch support to help reduce fatigue while walking and standing. The soft, thin and light medical grade PE material helps to protect against blisters, rubbing, & increasing tenderness.

For best use and instant relief, wear at night. 


  • Dual strapping system to stabilize the mid-foot arch
  • 3-point pressure system to relieve the hallux valgus deformity
  • Side panel for maximum breath-ability and comfort
  • Padded hinged splint protects irritated tissue and absorbs pressure 
  • Adjustable metatarsal pad relieves pain of toe joints, optimizing pressure distribution 
  • Soothes and releases tension & bunion pain near the joint

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Size: approx. 14.5 cm (can be adjusted)
Model Number: Big Toe Corrector
Feature1: Hallux Valgus Orthotics
Feature2: Foot Pain Relief
Feature3: Feet Guard Care Bone Corrective
Feature4: Big Toe Corrector